Holiday Trees at Night Jellybean Accent Washable Rug 20" x 30"

Holiday Trees at Night Jellybean Accent Washable Rug 20" x 30"

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"...washes better than your jeans."

Machine Washable Indoor and Outdoor Accent Rug

Rug Size 20" x 30"

Rug Content: 100% Polyester 100% Recycled Materials

Artwork by ©Gail Green

Your Jellybean Rug was designed with fun in mind.  We have a variety of themes all boasting colorful designs by our great artists.

Made from recycled water bottles, the soft polyester yarns are dyed all the way through to increase the density of color and are then looped onto a backing creating the unique texture that only a Jellybean rug has.  

You may use your Jellybean rug outdoors. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will fade your rug over time, but rain won’t hurt it.  When using indoors, we recommend a liner to provide slip resistance and protection for some flooring types.  Your Jellybean rug is designed to provide years of enjoyment.  And of course, they “…wash better than your jeans.”

For care instructions:

Wash your Jellybean rug in cool or cold water and dry flat.  Do not put in your dryer.  Do no use bleach.  Do not iron.  If you see some loose yarns, do not pull but gently trim with a scissor.  You can use a clothing shaver if your rug shows signs of fuzzing.